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Exploring Health and Wellness Program Types. Incentive and Reward Program Series I

Many employers seek to foster a healthy, productive workplace using a health and wellness incentive program. These incentive programs have proved to be highly effective in creating a healthier workplace and boosting employee morale. An important part of any health and wellness rewards program is navigating the laws and regulations that are applicable to your particular program and whether or not there is a need to apply technology for the reward incentive management and the help of an incentive provider for the management and distribution of the program. Employers usually choose one of four main types of health and wellness programs when creating their incentive programs. Each program has different features, legal requirements and to keep in mind. In our health and wellness compliance blog series we will explore each of these four main program types.  In this first blog of our series, we will be discussing Type 1 Programs: General Educational or Participatory & not Health Plan-Related Incentive Program. Programs that fall under Type 1 focus on educating their employees or offering participation-based programs that are not part of the company’s health care plan. An important thing with these programs is that they are voluntary in nature. These programs […]

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