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Are E-Gift Codes What is Missing From Your Incentive Program?

Incentive programs drive behaviors and improve ROI. Incentive programs have become more popular every year and the options available are growing constantly. Whether for a health and wellness program, channel sales, employee recognition, loyalty, or something else, it’s worth considering upgrading your reward offerings. If you aren’t already offering them, prepaid cards and gift cards […]

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The Power of Incentives in Building Relationships

Building loyalty among customers, employees, and partners is essential to business success, now more than ever. Incentives can be used to inspire loyalty and influence behaviors. Whether its experiential rewards, rebates, merchandise, e-rewards, such as e gift cards, sweepstakes entries, or virtual gift cards, the right rewards for the right program can make all the […]

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Why eGift Cards are Making An Impact On Your Business

Incentive programs efficiently get new customers in the door and reach out to retain your loyal customers. There are roughly 2.5 billion loyalty memberships in the U.S. (Colloquy). Last year U.S. companies spent $76.9 billion on incentives and promotions, while $22.7 billion of that was spent solely on incentive and loyalty gift cards alone. It […]

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