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The Key To Engaging Channel Partners

Channel partner programs seek a mutually beneficial relationship, but like all relationships, there are steps that need to be taken to avoid relationship problems. You want to feel that your channel partners are meeting your needs and your partners want to feel their efforts are valued and appreciated. But how do you keep the profit-producing magic alive in your channel partner relationship? Two words: Incentive Program. Now, not just any incentive program. Just like you wouldn’t buy your significant other jewelry from the dollar store for Valentine’s day, you want to make sure your incentive program shows the value you have for your relationship with your channel partners. A custom incentive program, with the right technology, will not only engage and enthrall your channel partners, but it will increase your ROI and provide valuable analytics for your business.  You may be asking, “how will an incentive program help?” We’re so glad you asked. An incentive plan shows your channel partners that you value them and increases their motivation and engagement. A study by Bersin & Associates shows 14% higher productivity in companies with incentive programs.  An incentive plan rewards your channel sales partners for completing the goals you set for […]

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