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Amplify Panel Recruitment: The Power of Incentive Programs and AI Optimization

Market research relies heavily on incentive programs to attract and retain panel participants. This article explores the top five incentive programs used by market research panel managers, strategies to improve them with AI, and preferred reward and payment options. Market Research Incentives: A Key Element Market research is a dynamic field with panel recruitment as […]

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Unveiling the Impact of Gift Cards in Healthcare Benefit Programs: Fascinating Facts and Stats from Research, Surveys, and Studies

Gift cards have become a popular way for healthcare organizations to incentivize healthy behaviors and improve patient engagement. Research, studies, and surveys have uncovered various interesting facts and statistics about using gift cards in healthcare benefit programs. The benefits of gift card incentives are clear, from increased medication adherence to higher patient satisfaction rates. We […]

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Cash Vs Blended Incentive Model: What Performs Better?

The following is a case study regarding a leading global market research company’s incentive reward program.  They own and operate multiple research panels that deploy different incentives and delivery mechanisms to recruit, engage and retain panelists for research projects and programs.  They actively engage millions of members with various client projects and programs.   They have […]

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