Is Your Plan Using the Correct Health and Wellness Participatory Reward Program?

BY Lucy Fang
Aug 27, 2018
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More and more companies are seeking to create healthier workplaces. A 2017 survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) showed that 53% of organizations want to encourage health and wellness in their organization’s culture and 60% of organizations have implemented some sort of health and wellness program. It is important to create a health and wellness program that will effectively garner employee participation. An excellent way to help create a culture of health and wellness within your company or organization, as well as to ensure maximum participation in your company’s program is to create a health and wellness redemption rewards program.

A health and wellness rewards program has multiple benefits that improve both productivity and participants health and wellbeing. A health and wellness incentive reward program can help individuals and families make healthy choices every day, while also reducing elevated health risks. Employers who implement health and wellness reward and incentive programs will see productivity improvements amongst their employees and lower absenteeism. Implementing a health and wellness rewards program shows your employees that you care about their wellbeing and it can improve your company’s employee recruitment and retention, all the while building your employees’ morale. Additionally, a quality health and wellness program can decrease your company’s overall spending on health care.

Understanding how rewards and incentives drive program engagement and participation are just the step of many hurdles that plan managers need to be overcome. To create a truly successful program a plan manager needs to ensure the program has the least amount of friction and is supported by a reward program management technology and the right reward incentive program provider to deliver an omnichannel approach to their participants. At ADR, our Healthy Choice Reward Products are an excellent fit for any company seeking to create an optimal health and wellness program for their company. Health Choice Reward options can be used to assist plan managers in the following types of plans:

  • General Educational or Participatory and not Health Plan-Related
  • Health Plan-Related Participatory Programs
  • Health Plan-Related Activity-Only Programs
  • Health Plan-Related Outcome-Based Programs

Healthy Choice Rewards can be custom tailored to fit any size or type of organization. The products and services offered at ADR allow you to effectively and quickly reward your health and wellness program participants, both online and offline. Our health and wellness rewards programs experts can walk you through the process of creating a program that will perfectly fit your company’s needs and bring about the positive outcomes your company is looking for.
Whether your plan needs a simple redemption process to manage rewards products such as:

  • $20 gift card
  • PTO or Premium Reduction
  • VISA prepaid reward cards
  • Reward merchandise such as fitness trackers
  • Reward cards with digital downloads
  • Sweepstake drawings

Or a robust points-based reward marketplace to handle any or all possibilities, our Healthy Choice Rewards can provide an advanced reward management system, which can be fully branded and personalized for your company to deliver and administer a fully integrated solution to a small non-health plan program incentive.

With your company’s health and wellness reward program, you can reward your employees for making choices to move towards a healthier lifestyle. Your employees can earn rewards through activities like joining a gym, signing up for a weight loss program, attending health classes and lectures, completing health surveys, or any number of other health and wellness related activities. A quality reward management program will give you the ability to create a fully customized, branded, relevant, and legally compliant health and wellness redemption reward program that will be specifically tailored to your company’s needs. Your health and wellness redemption reward program should be easy to use for both you and your employees, allowing for seamless integration into the daily lives of all your participants.

To learn more about ADR’s participatory reward program options and the technology used to support them, contact our Health and Wellness Reward Program experts at 866-415-7703 or click the “Schedule a Demo” button below!