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Listen To The Statistics – It’s Time to Invest in a Loyalty Program

Are you still waiting on investing in a loyalty program? The statistics say it’s time to go for it. The Nielsen Global Retail Loyalty Sentiment Report gives businesses across the world numerous reasons to recognize the value of having a loyalty program to increase your company’s success. If you don’t have a loyalty program now, […]

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7 Common Causes of Rebate Prepaid Card Program Failures

Rebate prepaid card programs are always a popular choice. Because they are both effective and popular, many industries try to set up these programs for their customer incentives. However, it can be a struggle for companies because they can easily make major errors that cause their card and reward programs to be inefficient and frustrating […]

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What Makes a rebate program profitable

Rebates are a great way of drawing in consumers and gives them a helpful way to save money through digital rebates, future credits, and different types of savings incentives. However, without the correct technology in place, rebate redemption becomes a challenge due to the elaborate process for your customers, and also for your employees. For […]

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