Merchandise is the workhorse of an incentive program. All Digital Rewards’ offers a catalog containing thousands of unique merchandise rewards that includes everything from electronics, clothing, jewelry, sporting goods, appliances, etc. We can even help arrange for Branded Cross Promotions as well. Imagine, offering a wide variety of sales incentives that employees and dealers can select from based on the pre-set incentive program parameters that were put in place in advance at a price you can afford.

Giving merchandise makes your incentive special in such a way as it’s not going to be used to pay bills or existing expenses, but will be used to purchase what they would otherwise have not had an opportunity to purchase on their own. Better yet why would you want your end-user to look at the incentive you offered as part of their compensation? It is your job to creating memories that the end-user can associate with your brand helping to build a stronger lasting relationship with your end-user.

Providing merchandise as an incentive has a high return rate that lasts longer than most other types of rewards.

  • Customer Acquisition 
  • Customer Retention 
  • Sales Channel Incentives
  • Consumer Promotions