All Digital Rewards started as a US-based company and while not marketing internationally, quickly found the demand for international options a necessity. Our earlier versions of our platform were English based and translations are done on an at-need basis. Today, our versions are built on an agile platform that allows for an international company to thrive effectively. Rather than have multiple versions of a page or item listed with access to multiple languages, we have effectively set up the platform in such a way that under one platform, the individual end-user has control of the language settings without the clumsy and sometimes terrible translation tools utilized. In this way, a multinational company can manage a single platform through several languages with unified reporting and live multilingual interactivity.

Product Reach and Availability

Once the language barrier was crossed on a broad scale, we found more and more doors opened up to us. In this, we are able to offer both digital and physical rewards to over 150+ countries worldwide. And with thousands of unique products in our reward offerings, not counting your internal rewards delivered by the All Digital Rewards Platform, there are fewer and fewer reasons to not reach your customers and clients in a way that is personal and immediately worldwide.

What limitations?

We’ve been where there are limitations on what can be offered somewhere. We have also found that there are no limits when you can engage in a 1:1 personal level with someone on the other side of the planet in a different culture, using a different language. The language of excitement, care, and communion is more clearly spoken with actions over words. With All Digital Rewards, let the limits be what you make them, not what is forced on you.