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Corporate Card Resellers

All Digital Rewards Engagement Solutions reseller opportunities for prepaid debit card programs and products.

The most popular incentive for marketing, rebates, customer loyalty, and employee incentive programs has quickly become Prepaid Reward Cards. All Digital Rewards is a top-tier provider of branded Visa, MasterCard, & Discover prepaid cards; at All Digital Rewards Engagement Solutions, we allow you and your company to tap into these markets and increase your product & service offerings.

Whatever your reseller needs may be All Digital Rewards Engagement Solutions we can help you increase your product & service offerings. Partnering with us gives you access to fully customized designed personalized customer reward card for national marketing campaigns, branded cards for an employee wellness clients, or simple basic reward cards for clients one-time holiday gifting opportunity. At All Digital Rewards Engagement Solutions, we have the RIGHT prepaid solution for you.

For more information on becoming a Corporate Authorized Reseller, call now or click here and provide us with detailed information on how you envision working with All Digital Rewards Engagement Solutions.


  • Expedited turnaround time on custom Reward Cards
  • Flexible fulfillment options; direct to recipients,
    your customers, or direct to you.
  • An Agency portal to manage your customers
  • Maximum spend opportunities on where your card
    recipients can use their reward
  • We help increased your brand awareness

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