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Alternatives to Travel Incentives and Experiential Rewards

Experiential rewards have been one of the most desirable rewards among incentive program participants. Everyone loves winning a free vacation or tickets to a concert. However, with Covid-19 still making travel difficult or unappealing for most people, incentive program managers are looking for alternative ways to entice their participants. These can result in some creative things, like paying celebrities to appear in a work Zoom call for some team motivation. Still, there are many other options out there to maintain your incentive program’s engagement levels. Here are some possible alternatives to travel-based experiential rewards for your incentive programs. Fortunately, the pandemic has not dampened people’s fondness for gift cards and other cash equivalents. With a gift card, particularly one for a brand that offers online shopping, participants can enjoy their reward from the comfort of their home and pick something perfect for themselves. Also, if you go with a virtual gift card instead of a physical one, participants can be rewarded immediately, giving them that sweet feeling of instant gratification. The same goes for prepaid cards, which can also come in a virtual or physical form with your company’s custom branding.  For internal programs, such as employee recognition programs or […]

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