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The Ultimate Secret Of Top Prepaid Card Promotions

A promotion is defined as an activity that supports or provides active encouragement for any type of idea, product, or business in general. Roughly 83% of consumers enjoy receiving a promotional product with an advertising message. There are hundreds of different types of promotions. These promotions range from consumer rebate incentives to corporate recognition incentives, all the way to consumer reward promotions. Promotions thrive in engaging customers, providing higher exposure, and helping your customers feel a sense of belonging to your business. 89% of consumers can recall the name of the advertiser on a promotional product they received in the past year. Pre-paid cards are the top promotion of 2016. Read on for tips to implement prepaid cards into your promotional content. Prepaid cards are the most popular promotional item in 2015 and are only predicted to grow into a bigger business in 2016. However, there are different types of prepaid card products. There are physical plastic prepaid cards which are nearly like a credit card but allow users to put their own money onto the card, helping with money management. Virtual card codes allow users to use the card in a closed-loop format, a type of promotion used within a company […]

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