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B2B2C Strategy for Channel Partner Incentive Programs

Channel partner relationships are essential for b2b2c business success. Building strong relationships that will motivate your channel sales team takes the right b2b2c strategy and sales team incentives. Incentives and rewards for sales personnel have been a cornerstone of successful B2b2c company motivation strategies. With the right incentive solutions and support structure, your channel sales partnerships will thrive.  Many people have questions to ask about incentives when creating or revising channel sales incentive and recognition programs. Some wonder when looking at their channel partner performance metrics, why incentives don’t work, or don’t seem to work with their current program. Others want to know if there’s really a strong tie between incentives, motivation, and workplace performance. Some are looking for rewards and recognition ideas and channel sales incentives examples.  Studies have shown that if a partner doesn’t start to market and sell your offering within the first 90 days of recruitment, it is very likely that they never will. Statistics show that by providing incentives and rewards for your channel sales partners, you help increase motivation and productivity, improving your ROI. It is true that some people believe that higher salaries are better than other incentives for motivating workers, but a […]

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