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Creating a Wellness-Centric Culture with Incentive Cards

In our recent Guide “Leveraging Prepaid Cards as Wellness Incentives: An Ultimate Guide” we explored demystifying the integration of prepaid cards into your wellness initiatives. In this blog, we focus on Incentive Cards in Wellness Culture. Wellness in the workplace is more than just a buzzword; it’s a necessity for fostering a productive and engaged […]

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White Paper: Understanding How Behavioral Economics Influences Incentive Program Design

Incentive program design aligns organizational goals with actions. It involves setting objectives, defining the audience, choosing rewards, planning, communication, and constant evaluation. This process considers budget, laws, and culture. Behavioral economics, blending psychology and economics, studies decision-making. Understanding emotions, norms, and policy impact on choices, shapes incentive program design. This research significantly influences the design […]

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Unveiling the Impact of Gift Cards in Healthcare Benefit Programs: Fascinating Facts and Stats from Research, Surveys, and Studies

Gift cards have become a popular way for healthcare organizations to incentivize healthy behaviors and improve patient engagement. Research, studies, and surveys have uncovered various interesting facts and statistics about using gift cards in healthcare benefit programs. The benefits of gift card incentives are clear, from increased medication adherence to higher patient satisfaction rates. We […]

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