We have it all.  Enjoy customized reward delivery options and easily distribute rewards and manage campaigns
and programs. ADR’s reward systems can handle even the most difficult reward redemption program.

ADR reward management platform offers automated easy to use reward fulfillment microservices with instant access to thousands of unique rewards – all connected to an easy to use Admin Interface. Our responsive, mobile and promotions ready reward fulfillment solutions provide:


  • Instant gifting
  • Instant recognition
  • Instant engagement
  • Instant brand advocates

No matter what type of reward delivery fulfillment method your program requires, All Digital Rewards’ incentive fulfillment microservices and reward management platform give you access to the system (and rewards) that can meet the demands of a specialized audience or that of a broader one requiring a full platform integration connecting you to all modes of reward delivery and engagement tactics.  ADR’s dynamic grouping of well thought out reward delivery microservices come together to easily integrated via our API into existing CRM systems for a seamless single sign-on, or when that is not an option, our RewardSTACK™ platform can operate external with minimal engagement break in user experience. Contact ADR to learn more about our SaaS STACK ™ solutions and request a demo.



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