Discover a new way to engage with scalable incentive solutions that grow as you do

RewardSTACK ™ enables organizations to easily create and roll out effective consumer, sales and rebate program campaigns by reducing redundant processes, and the high upfront costs, while increasing efficiencies and the bottom line. With our SaaS cloud-based solution, you can:

  • Align your incentive programs with your strategic priorities
  • Identify and invest more time into your top performers
  • Reduce revenue leakage through accurate accruals and eliminate overpayments
  • Manage hundreds of channel partners with unmatched scalability
  • Rapidly tailor flexible incentive payouts based on current and evolving business needs without any IT involvement

An organization’s users access our web-based software RewardSTACK ™ through their web browser or via an organization’s existing system. All Digital Reward’s SaaS platform provides:

  • Hassle-free updating – we execute, not your users
  • Faster development testing – Single configuration
  • Economies of scale – Single version
  • All-access data – Expedited design and regression testing
  • Real-time – Access user behavior to identify areas for improvement

Our Market Research, Channel Partner Sales, Rebate Processing, and Health and Wellness platform configurations and customization happen in the application at the organization, program, and campaign level. Each platform accommodates a base set of predefined settings with options for customization without the limitations of a “Boxed Solution.”

We offer REST open integration protocols to access an organization’s internal systems application programming interfaces (APIs), providing for quick and easy program deployment. ADR ability supports all API types, and interfaces allow us to directly connect with hundreds of suppliers and vendors, offering one of the best in class reward portfolios.