Enjoy true integration with access to the right reward mix and technology solutions to deliver them

We deliver agile enterprise incentive solutions by integrating our customers’ existing investments whenever possible with the latest in cloud-based technologies to build a system that scalable for years to come.

When it comes to using our incentive software solutions, we can prove for most of your business
needs and processes in one centralized hub.

Our software components help manage the program configuration, installation, integration, and maintenance to ensure you have everything you need for your program to work effectively. No need to develop or find additional suppliers to complete the job. All Digital Rewards end-to-end solutions can genuinely give you access to thousands of unique incentive product SKUs, major brand gift cards, prepaid reward cards, digital reward and take your organization through incentive reward program creation and management process from beginning to end.

Our core understanding is B2B2B2C customer acquisition and retention business and everything in between. We set you up with and an incentive management software system that has access to though sands of incentive and reward products and is supported by automated emails, instruction manuals, and a ticketing and call center. We provide more than just the incentive technology; we assign you an experienced, dedicated Account Manager, who will work with you to understand the nuances of your specific industry and your unique challenges. And we manage it all for you!


Accuracy & Efficiency

One of the main reasons that a lot of organizations move towards an end-to-end incentive solution is the seamless user experience, increase in internal productivity, and real-time reporting
stakeholders. By using ADR’s integrated incentive system, organizations can experience greater automation to efficiency, drive accuracy, and more streamlined processes. A simplified
workflow reduces time spent and risk of human error as well as increase data security.

More Cost-Effective

Having one Incentive provider for reward, incentive, and technology means you only have to pay one provider. Many software systems, support packages, reward suppliers, ongoing licenses, etc. can disconnect the user experience and drive up costs, so having one Incentive provider means you only need to pay for one lot of services. Organizational enjoy smaller outlays, less hassle at renewal time, and massively decreased costs moving forward. When sharing data seamlessly between departments, one provider ensures greater accuracy – reducing costs.

Minimize Disruption

What matters is how quickly issues are resolved for users. Working with multiple disconnected incentive suppliers and systems can make it difficult to determine the root cause of a problem. Program managers get caught up in the supplier ‘blame game’ driving organizations to want an end-to-end incentive solution where the staff understands who to call to report an issue and get it quickly resolved.

Central Knowledgebase

When setting up a new incentive program, you want to be up and running as quickly as possible to minimize Disruption and see the fastest possible return on investment. A key driver of this is how long you put aside for staff training. If an organization runs off different systems, it means multiple systems for staff to learn. By implementing a single, user-friendly end-to-end incentive solution, the incentive team will only have to learn and use one solution.

Operational Visibility

As incentive program data is shared across multiple departments, an end-to-end solution allows for an accurate view into an organization’s performance and pinpoint any areas needing improvement. This complete operational Visibility not only increases profitability, and drive performance; it also allows ADR to support an organization as it continues to grow effectively.