Assisting reward programs managers simply, efficiently and effectively

Bringing it all together is what we do best.  Offering a reward management platform is just the beginning – it’s the support applications that help make the magic happen for our customers.  ADR offers an extensive offering of digital and physical reward products through the reward product API Reward WIZARD™.  This best in class reward product portfolio that includes prepaid reward and name brand gift cards, merchandise, digital content, and experiential products and services that can engage even the most difficult audience.

At All Digital Rewards, we define the golden rule of loyalty as Right Now CX (Customer Experience). Maintaining connectivity with your customer requires a partner that can ensure you meet the unspoken demand of giving the Right Delivery and being delivered Right Now. With our white glove Incentive Fulfillment Plus ™ and our Reward REACH ™ communication microservices – ADR provides engagement that is correct and when they want it, – now you have a good shot at retaining your customer. Provided the engagement is Right Now CX engagement you have a great shot to a long-term relationship.