Global Cash Payment Solutions

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Global Cash Payment Solutions

At All Digital Rewards’ Engagement Solutions, we know that the right payment solution is the one that best meets your corporate objectives.

Clients often ask us what’s the best payment option when a digital prepaid card won’t work and a cash delivery is necessary. From our experience we have found:

Prepaid Cards

PayPal ™

  • If the program is fully digital or mobile
  • Domestic and international cash payments
  • Delivering multiple currencies and globally

Cash Checks

  • Payments issued to companies, not individuals
  • Individual payments are $5 or less
  • Financial reimbursement from MDF or co-op budgets

Ask about our tiered payment solution. If applied correctly, we can effectively reduce your cash spend from 18 to 28%.


  • Meets Corporate Objectives
  • International Payments
  • Digital Prepaid Cards
  • Delivers Multiple Currencies

Better Solutions, Not Bigger Solutions

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