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Delivering Bulk Rewards with Reward REACH™

All Digital Rewards’ reward delivery application, Reward REACH™, is a fast and easy way to deploy digital rewards in bulk without the confines of an expansive reward management platform. Built in a cloud-based architecture, Reward REACH™ auto scales based on the size of the reward program deployed.

Reward REACH™ is mobile responsive and has direct integrations to reward providers through ADR’s Reward WIZARD ™ API for a secure real-time access and monitoring of reward inventory. Clients can mix or match reward types, manage campaign terms and conditions.

Clients log in to an easy to use dashboard, choose the reward they want delivered, customize the email audience receives, then uploads the recipient data file and the rewards are delivered instantaneously. All Digital Rewards’ Reward REACH ™ is an excellent way to make rewarding recipients unique and memorable with a simple to use promotion set up and configuration application.

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