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API Features & Benefits

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APIs are Important

Why are APIs important? If you want to understand your analytics and reporting, you will need to rely on open APIs to run and pull the most accurate data. Our SaaS Loyalty STACK incentive solution includes all the tools needed to help you make the daily decisions real-time necessary to keep key stakeholder informed.

All Digital Rewards unparalleled strengths in complex event processing, integration, and analytics come together in loyalty products and services built to help marketers engage customers in the moment of truth. All Digital Rewards SaaS Loyalty STACK ™ loyalty incentive platform is built to put customer loyalty management in the hands of the marketer. Now they can create relevant offers and rewards in real time with a better understand their customers without dependence on IT.


  • Combines Function & Performance
  • Helps with Monitoring & Optimization
  • Keeps Customers with Faster Page Loads

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