Advocacy Vs. Loyalty

Make Customers Talk about your Brand

advocacy-vs-loyalty-1024x352 Advocacy vs. Loyalty

Press the easy button on your loyalty and reward programs

Loyalty and Engagement demonstrate that there are seriously two programs you must be aware of when looking at your Loyalty programs. One is the carrot to drive the end user where, how, when, and even why to an action. The other being how engaged YOU are to your end user? Is it that you offer a reward? Or is it that they feel special because you thought of them? Was it that you rewarded them for X activity or that you gave them something special that makes them want to do that activity for you again?

Are your end users having fun? Are you having fun helping your end users have fun? How is your Loyalty and Engagement creating a fun, engaging, desirable situation that excites your end users so they are not just loyal to you, but are ADVOCATES of your brand? Let us work with you on turning smiles into dollars while pushing that ROI happy button much more often!

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advocacy-vs-loyalty Advocacy vs. Loyalty

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