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All Digital RewardsSTACK™ Reward Program Management Software

STACK™ Loyalty Reward Program Management Software

Want better results? Start by leveraging All Digital Rewards’ reward program management software, SaaS with STACK™ and simultaneously support multiple reward and incentive programs with the click of a mouse. While our real-time reward management solution functions as a turnkey modular platform, it can be customized and tailored to accommodate individual client and project needs, deploying thousands of rewards in over 150 countries, and supported by industry-leading reporting and analytics.

All Digital Rewards reward management modules support panel recruitment, channel sales, loyalty engagement, prize and rebate fulfillment, and other notable programs, and enables organizations to efficiently engage and reward consumers and employees for desired behavior.

Our proprietary software applications, incentives, and support services provide clients with a turnkey reward management solution to support simple game promotions, incentive reward deployment or a full scaled points-based loyalty and sales claim program where all the modules are rolled up into one dynamic platform leveraging the best in loyalty engagement offerings. We are unique in our ability to support most third-party applications and existing client system assets.

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