Even the best incentive program manager is often faced with deciding which incentive product will best engage the audience they are directing their marketing messages to. If you too are not sure what will work best, give the QUICKPICK ™ Reward Card a try!  With QUICKPICK™ you are able to give the gift of choice without carrying unnecessary inventory and making the mistake of choosing the wrong gift card. Leave that decision up to the recipient.

The end-user can choose to spend their QUICKPICK ™ Card on a retail gift card or choose to donate to a nonprofit or maybe a Visa Prepaid Card.  That’s the benefit of using the QUICKPICK™, you are leveraging the power of our RewardSTACK™ program management SaaS and Reward WIZARD™ API to provide a reward card that gives the gift of choice and provides a flexible reward solution that helps you meet your reward program needs and the needs of your recipients.

For more information on All Digital Rewards QUICKPICK™ Reward Card, gift card brands offered and how our SaaS STACK™ applications that manage and deliver them can benefit your incentive program initiatives, call 866-415-7703 now or click on the button below to schedule a demo.