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Instant Win Games

ADR instantly connect program managers with off and online game codes that can be obtained or earned via our RewardStack™ Platform.  Instant Win games provide access to small and large valued prize items to reinforce targeted behavioral outcomes with games of chance.  The system is built to manage prize drawing creation, prize association, game play, email issuance, prize issuance intervals, random seeding, official rules, eligibility documentation, prize fulfillment and reporting.   

Instant Win Advantage

Simple Instant Delivery

  • Deliver by print, email or in a points-based marketplace
  • Once activated the gameplay is sent directly to the participant’s inbox.
  • Real-time instant winner notification.

Instant Control

  • Reward codes are issued electronically via system reward delivery endpoints
  • Participants can receive a specific prize game or choose from a selection 

Flexible, Scalable

  • Create a prize drawing game or suites of prize drawing games to appear in a selection list to suit program-specific needs
  • Engage evolving demographics and marketing preferences
  • You determine the prize drawing value, prize mix, and the number of entries

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

  • Track redemptions and see which prize drawing games are performing best in real-time. 

We help organizations use games effectively. Our experience allows ADR to share our knowledge to help with the legal and administration to make your promotion a success.  For more information about instant win games and other promotions offered click on the Demo button above.

Benefits of Instant Win Games
  • Engage Low Point Earners
  • Engage Hard to Reach Demographics
  • Reward Certain Behaviors
  • Reduce Point-Based Liability
  • Create Daily Site Traffic
  • Generate Sales Leads and Email Opt-ins
  • Increases Brand Engagement
How it Works
  • Click on Prize Game Link 
  • Accept Official Rules 
  • Play Game
  • Winner Receives Prize
  • ADR Administrates the A to Z!