Consumer Promotions and Incentive Programs

Create highly responsive customer engagement while developing customer loyalty.

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Consumer Promotions Made Easy

Programs that use a consumer incentive almost always involve other external marketing tactics.  Tactics, such as advertising (which promotes the offer), event marketing (where the offer gets delivered), and channel building strategies (for retailer buy-in) and sales incentive programs (for sales force or distributors buy-in). Consumer incentive strategy is similar to the development of almost any other incentive program, with one exception: The implementation. Thus, the details involved in marketing and distributing noncash awards in conjunction with consumer offers, and working with stakeholders (retailers who have their business rules to obey) are different.  Consumers Promotions are sales strategies that encourage customers and prospects to buy a product or service.

All Digital Rewards extensive offerings of rewards and incentives supported by our proprietary SaaS STACK™ solutions provide clients with a true turnkey reward management solution to fit small and large-scale marketing incentive programs.

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